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Glasford International Estonia OÜ is an executive search firm that works with partners around the world. Our main area of expertise is in recruiting senior management and specialists. Glasford International launched operations in Estonia in 2005. Our services cover every aspect of the recruitment process, from mapping your needs to selecting the most highly qualified candidate. We have been helping leading international organisations build world-class teams for more than ten years. At a global level we have a direct presence in over 30 offices worldwide, thus able to provide you with powerful cross-border and multinational recruitment, assessment and development solutions.

WE KNOW OUR CLIENTS: Our job is to find the right person for your job – which is why we consider it so important to find out what you do and what you need.

WE HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE: For each case we choose the most appropriate approach and recruitment channels, arrange interviews with candidates, assess them individually and analyse their suitability.

WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE: We have recruited people for positions in virtually every branch of the economy, but most frequently for those in production, telecommunications, IT and banking.

OUR NETWORK: Glasford International is a direct search based executive firm, which means that our network is constantly up to date and ever expanding. Adding a long history in the field of executive search and global partners, provides us with a unique network.

We establish your search profile. Together with the client we establish a detailed search profile, including the role, the personality and the skill set desired. The search profile lays the foundation for our direct search process.

Search and Network. We use our global network and conduct a search to create a long list of interesting candidates for the assignment. Based on a first contact with the candidates where we talk about your position and their interest, we create a short list and call candidates in for an in depth first round interview.

In depth interviews. During the in depth interviews, we focus on the candidates personality, skill set, drive and documented results in previous positions.

Candidate introduction. We will present you with 3-5 of the most suitable candidates and we will also provide you with the rest of our shortlist.

Final selection. The client signs the contract with the most suitable candidate. Throughout the whole process, Glasford International Estonia coordinates meetings and information for both parties, making sure the process is smooth and transparent.

Each country has its own unique culture and character. Those working in a multi-national business or wanting to take their business to other countries need to understand requirements and characteristics of the local market.

With a worldwide coverage of about 30 offices, Glasford International is on the ground providing executive search and leadership selection for our clients. We offer a consistently professional service that our clients can rely on completely. With offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Australia and North and South America, our consultants can operate effectively at the international, cross-border and local levels.

Contact our partners by using the link below:

Go global: glasford.com

Diktamen “I’ve had a lot to do with the whole recruitment process over the years, so I know how hard it is to find the right people. Glasford International was the first recruitment company I approached in Estonia and I was struck immediately by how effectively they met all of my needs. We worked really well together. It’s reassuring to know that there are professionals out there who know where to find the best people for your positions.” Niklas Elers, Vice President, Diktamen OÜ https://www.diktamen.com/

ZM Entertainment “I can’t thank Glasford enough for working with us the way they have. They met all of our needs, very professionally and a lot quicker than we expected them to. I’d happily recommend them, since they know exactly what’s happening on the Estonian market, they have an extensive database and they’ve got fantastic contacts.” Erkki Korhonen, CEO ZM, Entertainment Oy Ltd. www.zme.fi/

PKC Group “The three things that are most important to us here at PKC are speed, accuracy and a team that’s constantly improving. Since we live in such a rapidly changing world, we have to be able to meet our clients’ needs just as quickly. That’s why we use Glasford International – because we know what they’re capable of.” Jani Kiljala, Vice President, PKC Group www.pkcgroup.com/

Ahola Transport “The team at Glasford might be young, but that means they’re quick off the mark and always raring to go. They boast extensive knowledge between them, and all of the ideas they’ve presented us with have proven useful. The quality control they exercise over themselves should set an example to everyone.” Ville Peltola, Market Area Manager, Ahola Transport www.aholatransport.com/

Vihterpalu Manor “We’ll certainly use Glasford’s services again in future, because they take responsibility for the end result and always manage to find the best person for the job. I recommend them to anyone who values good workers as people and who’s looking to build up a really reliable team around them.” Jukka Pietiläinen, tegevjuht, Vihterpalu Mõis OÜ www.vihterpalu.ee/

Genista Group “Here at Genista we’ve been working with Glasford International Estonia pretty much ever since Jaakko Lehto Konsulttitoimisto Oy first came to the country. We’ve stuck with them all that time. We’ve started expanding in the last few years, and that’s down to Glasford, since they’ve been the ones who’ve found us the right people. How good those people are is reflected in what we do and what we make, and both of those things have led to significant growth in our client base. We use Glasford every time we need someone new, and it’s something I recommend anyone try who’s looking to take their business further and increase their turnover.” Tomi Ranta, CEO, Genista Grupp www.genista.ee/

Tesni OÜ “We know the value of good partnerships at Tesni, and that’s precisely what Glasford International has always offered us. What they do is based on extensive knowledge, and they’re happy to share it. They not only find the right people for the positions you’re looking to fill, but they also give you their thoughts on where you should be a year or two down the line, when you should start heading in that direction and why. I can’t thank them enough for being so reliable and easy to get along with.” Yki Raitanen, CEO, Tesni OÜ www.tesni.ee/et

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